Trip to Kasauli

Today I will be sharing my experience about the last trip that we planned to Kasauli, HP on 2nd July, 2016.

I would like to start off by saying that such a trip/outing was much needed since I was working continuously for the last 3-months without taking a break. But as June came to an end, I was evident that I needed to get some time out to go to the hills. So, as the company planned a trip to Kasauli, I was excited to go there.

I was so excited that I actually woke up at 5’o clock in the morning. I came to the venue by 8.30am where everybody was all set to go on an amazing trip. We left around 9.00am and soon we were trailing around the foothills of HP. 2 hours into the trip, be stopped by a train track to take some pictures. It was an awesome location and the light drizzling added to the essence of the environment. We reached Kasauli by half past 12 and I could clearly feel the nature besides me. Such a cool and lovely environment caught my attention and all my post-work stress that had been building up for the last couple of months was actually being cured. I could clearly see the clouds beneath the hills. Before starting our nature walk around the place, we stopped by a local shop to have a brunch. I ate a burger which I think was not bad. As soon as we finished eating, we started our walk around the trail which ran through Sunset Point and ultimately led to Lover’s Point.

Sunset Point had the best view and the view from Lover’s point was equally over-whelming. We enjoyed a lot, took pictures and had fun. Time flew by and we were already set to go back. Around 4.00pm we started our journey back to Punjab. We made one stop at “Sekhon Dhaba” to eat late afternoon lunch. And by 8.00pm we were back in Punjab- with a lot of memories.

In the end, I would like to say that the trip was just awesome, to say the least. I wish there are more trips like this one in future.