Diwali Celebrations

Euclide software solutions found yet another reason to celebrate. So this Diwali, we took advantage of the festivities and did something of our own to celebrate Diwali with the family we have in our spaces.  Not just the dress code, but there was a lot more up the team’s sleeves. It is the season of festivities and the entire team of ESS got together to celebrate the festival of lights. A closed office affair, we celebrated in-house as a family. The festivities were enjoyed across the company in three segments. Members of ESS itself performed the three segments.

Office Decoration:

Team Atishbazi participated in the very first segment which was to deck up space in flowers and diyas to bring the essence of Diwali indoors into our space.

Making of Rangoli:

By showing the creativity Team Rango ki chakkri did a great job in the second segment of Rangoli making by adding colors to the festival.

Be it any competition (work and fun both), it remains incomplete without any rewards and appreciation. Thereby it was decided to give awards at the last day followed by the last segment for:

  1. Best traditional attire (male)- Titled by Mr. Patakha
  2. Best traditional attire (female)- Titled by Miss Patakha

While the sight of lamps and flowers greeted you at the door, it was the ethnic dresses that were the real eye catcher.

This is how the Euclide software solutions family grows; work needs to be appreciated at every point. However, the day went quite smooth and energetic with celebration and the competition. By the end of the day before leaving for home, everyone had a Diwali gift, lots of fun, and memorable moments.

Euclide software solutions work hard to showcase the diversity and talent here. The members of ESS wanted to do something special to mark this year’s Diwali, a festival of lights celebrated throughout the world.