Diwali Celebrations

Euclide software solutions found yet another reason to celebrate. So this Diwali, we took advantage of the festivities and did something of our own to celebrate Diwali with the family we have in our spaces.  Not just the dress code, but there was a lot more up the team’s sleeves. It is the season of festivities and the entire team of ESS got together to celebrate the festival of lights. A closed office affair, we celebrated in-house as a family. The festivities were enjoyed across the company in three segments. Members of ESS itself performed the three segments.

Office Decoration:

Team Atishbazi participated in the very first segment which was to deck up space in flowers and diyas to bring the essence of Diwali indoors into our space.

Making of Rangoli:

By showing the creativity Team Rango ki chakkri did a great job in the second segment of Rangoli making by adding colors to the festival.

Be it any competition (work and fun both), it remains incomplete without any rewards and appreciation. Thereby it was decided to give awards at the last day followed by the last segment for:

  1. Best traditional attire (male)- Titled by Mr. Patakha
  2. Best traditional attire (female)- Titled by Miss Patakha

While the sight of lamps and flowers greeted you at the door, it was the ethnic dresses that were the real eye catcher.

This is how the Euclide software solutions family grows; work needs to be appreciated at every point. However, the day went quite smooth and energetic with celebration and the competition. By the end of the day before leaving for home, everyone had a Diwali gift, lots of fun, and memorable moments.

Euclide software solutions work hard to showcase the diversity and talent here. The members of ESS wanted to do something special to mark this year’s Diwali, a festival of lights celebrated throughout the world.

Simple Ways To Be Focused More Productive

Being in an IT sector my job requires me to spend a lot of time on a computer at the office. I know I am not alone in this. So many of us spend hours upon hours with our eyes focused on the backlight of our computer screens during work. We have heard we should keep blinking so our eyes so that they don’t get too dry. With the growth of the Internet, we also often struggle to remain focused on the task at hand. We get bored with our assignment, or we tend to linger on our momentary accomplishments. It may sound irrational, but I bet a lot of you avoid doing any work at work—but not on purpose. You might be simply struggling with motivation, or you might just be overdosing on the caffeine. Whatever the issue, getting focused takes lots of time and effort.

We can help you out with that, By incorporating a few of these mind hacks into your daily work routine. This will help you to find yourself getting things done more easily, not to mention better and faster than before and with less stress overall.

Have A One-Track Mind:

There is an illusion that doing many things at once is productive. Instead, it leaves you half-focused, and perpetually shift gears. you will have a way that nothing ever very gets complete this manner. Set a timer, and add 90-minute increments. specialize in that one task either for ninety minutes or till it’s complete. Then, take an occasion, and travel.

Music Can Help You A lot:

“It calms me down”, “eases my stress”
“It improves my ability to focus on what I am working on”

Music can aid your concentration by suppressing distractions around the office. Some people experience these effects when they do simpler tasks, but it could also help when doing more complex work. You can control your soundscape in the office and replace external interruptions with sounds of your selection.

Preparing a To Do List:

Get a head-start on tomorrow by preparing before you leave the office today. The simple task of writing a to-do list is one of the most efficient ways of keeping track of your daily work requirements. By writing out a list for tomorrow before you leave the office at night, you will have an instantaneous head-start on your next day and be prepared for your new priorities.

Clear the Desk That Speaks About You:

There’s no one right way to organize a desk. But your physical work space can have a big effect on productivity. It can either energize you or deplete your energy. Every paper on your desk has a task associated with it, and that task is going to take time.
Ask yourself: Are the piles on your desk the same ones that were there three weeks ago, or are they moving? If they’re not stagnant, you’re probably doing O.K. with some clutter
In most cases, keep your desk clear apart from the project you are tackling at the moment, along with the equipment you need to complete it.

When you are “working”, when you are actually on the job WORKING, make sure that your time is designed to move through your tasks – FAST. Don’t get bogged down with internet searches, phone calls, emails, tweets, social networks, family, friends. I’m not talking about ignoring, I’m talking about allowing things or people in your life to bog you down to the point that you are off task/track and not working. This takes practice and purposeful training. It’s like training for a marathon. It takes time, but once you’ve been at it for a while you’ll notice that you can accomplish much more in a day than you thought you could.