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Client Location Schaumburg, United States

Framework WordPress, Woo-Commerce,

  • Perfect Turf ( sell fake grass (which is very similar to carpet, but for outside.
  • They bring a bunch of turf to a site to install something, they often end up with pieces like 7’6″ x 19′ or 8’x9′ that we sell at a discount to people who only need some.
  • They only sell these to USA, so they needed to do this in feet and inches, I wish we could get on the metric system too!
  • They were looking for a custom shipping method and a plugin to automatically create new products. This is for carpet remnants that they are selling, so they needed a system to deal with the random sizes of a few products.
  • The custom shipping method was easy to understand but required, customize the shipping method.
  • It would take the products to one of three categories determined by size and assign each a shipping cost of $50, $100 or $185+0.15* an excess amount depending on size.


In this Website Clients sells Artificial Carpets Left outs. They are of different size, quality, colour, type. Every time when their staff adds new product they must take details from owner and they had to spend time in creating individual product. So, Client decided to automate the process so that any new employee also can create new product in absence of Senior/Owner. So, Owner of website decides to automate the process which make things easy for staff and can save time also. We Review the requirement and divided the project into two parts.

  • Custom Template to create new products.
  • Custom Shipping which calculate shipping cost on basis of carpet shortest site length.

Product Template

Create different Templates for different type of products on basis of its quality, pattern, and material & use.

  • As user choose the type of template it auto populates other features automatically like
    • Material
    • Quality
    • Price basis of per Sq. Ft.
    • Description of product etc.
  • There will be more than one type of template.
  • Admin should be able to edit that template also.
  • Cost of added product is calculated automatically on basis of its size multiply with per-Added values (cost). While Creating template Admin will add the cost of product as Cost per Sq. Ft.
  • To Calculate the cost of product we will convert the dimensions into sq. ft. and then will multiply with cost added into template.
  • This helps New staff/Employees of company to add new products available there in their stock, and it will take less time to upload new products.

Custom Shipping

This was the 2nd part of job where we had to calculate the shipping on basis of the size of the carpet.
Issue was we had to calculate it on basis of
shortest side of carpet. There were 3 scenarios to calculate the shipping.

  • Each product will need to be shipped separately. So, for multiple items calculate shipping for each and add them.
  • When the shortest side among length and width is less than or equal to 6 ft, shipping cost = $50.
  • When the shortest side is more than 6 ft but less than or equal to 8 ft, shipping cost = $100.
  • When the shortest side is more than 8 ft:
    • longest side is less than or equal to 25 ft, shipping cost = $185.
    • Longest side is more than 25 ft, shipping cost = $185 +0.15(Longest side – 25 ft).

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