Woo-commerce Plugins Development

  • Perfect Turf (PerfectTurf.com) sell fake grass (which is very similar to carpet, but for outside.
  • They bring a bunch of turf to a site to install something, they often end up with pieces like 7’6″ x 19′ or 8’x9′ that we sell at a discount to people who only need some.
  • They only sell these to USA, so they needed to do this in feet and inches, I wish we could get on the metric system too!
  • They were looking for a custom shipping method and a plugin to automatically create new products. This is for carpet remnants that they are selling, so they needed a system to deal with the random sizes of a few products.
  • The custom shipping method was easy to understand but required, customize the shipping method.
  • It would take the products to one of three categories determined by size and assign each a shipping cost of $50, $100 or $185+0.15* an excess amount depending on size.